The war returning to Europe, the risk of the conflict turning into World War III (devastating), came at a time when a once-in-a-century pandemic seemed to be waning and allowing for social, economic, and political recovery, and when the rise of climate-related disasters is now a fact and the disruption of the supply chain is a given. Riding the news feels like the Apocalypse, but at the same time, this complicated and risky context is also driving a greater impetus for big ideas.

It is based on the need to find positive outlets that the Units and Teams of Blink Concept work daily to find opportunities, draw scenarios, understand the news, and analyze developments. A constant activity that allows our clients to anticipate the times and exploit the input from our work to shape their business.

Today, one month after the start of the shocking Putin’s War, we offer you a part of our general analysis, including five possible scenarios of conflict resolution and assessments regarding the macro-economic framework and markets.




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