Private Equity & Real Assets

Blink Concept for Private Equity & Real Assets

We provide complete services that reflect the needs of this broad and complicated market, supporting both private equity firms and their capital suppliers.

For both parties to the private equity agreement, we serve as a reliable partner who can address issues instead of just attending to administrative requirements. Investors can be certain that their needs are being satisfied, and managers can continue to concentrate on creating returns.

We bring genuine experience to the table thanks to our excellent technological capabilities, global representation, and strength.


Clients First

Because we only work with a small number of clients worldwide, you get a more individualized service experience that is suited to your business strategy and goals.

Specialist Tecnology

We create proactive, deliberate solutions to some of your most challenging operational challenges by uniting teams of business professionals and technology.

Service Excellence

When you need assistance handling difficult business difficulties, we want to be your first port of call. We value individual responsibility at every level of our business in addition to knowledge and competence.

  • NAV reporting
  • Audit and tax support
  • Financial Statement preparation
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Specialized Regulatory reporting
  • Customized reporting

Additional Services

We offer additional services to all our customers, to list some of them:

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